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We’ve received some additional information from the K4K organizers and wanted to share:
1. The raffle will take place - but it will be postponed until such time that it is safe to do so.
2. Raffle tickets - they ask that we DO NOT attempt to collect or hand off raffle tickets, money etc.  It’s important that we respect social distancing, and that includes avoiding any unnecessary connections to pick up raffle books or drop them at the club.  Please hold onto your tickets, ticket stubs and money until we have further instructions from K4K.
3. A reminder to everyone who had registered to participate in the March 28 event - you have the option to 
a) convert your $50 registration fee to a donation (with tax receipt); or
b) convert your $50 fee to purchase 10 raffle tickets; or 
c) request a refund.  
Please advise K4K of your choice by sending them a quick email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  They are still working out the logistics of how they will handle each choice and will send us more information soon.
4. If you ordered a K4K tshirt they have been delivered to the K4K team, but they will not be distributed until such time that it is safe to do so.
Thanks everyone for your continued understanding.  We’ll keep sharing updates as we have them!
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